If you order merchandise from a brand that uses JOOR (www.jooraccess.com), you can use Springboard Retail's import tool to import JOOR purchase orders (POs) and create items in Springboard Retail.

JOOR Export Process for Web Users

Note: The following instructions are for JOOR web users. If you use the JOOR retailer app, please contact your rep for relevant export directions. 

First, you will need to export a PO from JOOR. In order to export a PO from JOOR:

  • Sign into your JOOR account
  • Go to Orders (top header) and select Approved orders. You will see a list of all of your JOOR orders
  • Check the box to the left of the order that you want to export and click the Export button
  • Click on Excel (Raw Data) and click Export. This will download a .TXT file with JOOR's order data fields. Open the file with Excel and save as .XLSX.

Import into Springboard Retail

Once you have the JOOR file you want to import, you will import that file the same way you would import any purchase order into Springboard Retail and your new PO will be ready to use. For more about importing data into Springboard Retail, check out these two articles: How-to-import-data-items-POs-customers-etc-into-Springboard-Retail - and - Importing-items-and-POs-simultaneously

Don't forget, all POs are created with the status "Pending". You'll need to Open each one after the import is complete.

Questions? Need additional help?

If you have any questions or problems exporting from JOOR, please contact your JOOR rep. Springboard Retail does not have access to JOOR and also does not provide technical assistance on the export feature that JOOR provides. If you have questions or problems importing into Springboard Retail, please contact Springboard Retail support (support@springboardretail.com or via in-app messaging) and we'd be happy to help.

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