If you add new general ledger accounts in Quickbooks Online, after you have imported your accounts into Springboard Retail, and you want to use these new accounts in the Springboard Retail integration, you will need to reimport all of your accounts into Springboard Retail.

This also applies if you don’t find the account you are looking for in the popup when mapping Springboard Retail to your accounts. If you want to add a new account, you need to first add the account in your Quickbooks Online account and then re-import your accounts into Springboard Retail

To re-import accounts into Springboard Retail

Make sure you are logged into your Quickbooks Online account. Go to 'Settings' in Springboard Retail on the top menu, 'Integrations' in the left menu, and double click on the QuickBooks Online link. Under the Status tab, click on Import Accounts. Your accounts will re-import from QuickBooks Online. The new accounts will be at the end of your account list in Springboard Retail.

If you have changed the names of or added any of the accounts in QuickBooks Online you will need to re-map the accounts in SpringBoard Retail.

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